Yes, modest can look like THAT.
Check out the rest of this great shoot, by Rebekah Westover.

Yes, modest can look like THAT.

Check out the rest of this great shoot, by Rebekah Westover.

Where you love somebody a whole lot, and you know that person loves you, that’s the most beautiful place in the world.
The Most Beautiful Place in the World by Ann Cameron
Delightfully Sweet

I spent my early childhood living in Germany and, wonderful as it was, there were some side effects. Including a lifetime inability to truly enjoy Hershey’s chocolate. Thanks to my early introduction to European chocolate, I am, I must admit, a little bit of a chocolate snob. I’m not above enjoying the occasional Dove square, but my real weakness is for almost anything imported. These chocolates, however, might make me change my mind…

A sampling from the offerings of Chocolate Editions by Mary and Matt, these chocolates define the phrase “look good enough to eat.” Aren’t these chocolates lovely? I adore packaged things that are as nice inside as they are out. And the last one is just fun — I think it might even tempt my husband (who loves charts as much as he dislikes chocolate) to taste a bit!

Speaking of things in pretty packages, I simply adore Mast Brothers Chocolate, partly for just that reason!! I love the packaging on each one just a little more than the last!

And if you haven’t checked out the newly launched Ticket Kitchen, you simply must do so! I’ve loved GiversLog for a while now, and I was so excited when AmberLee announced her new venture. I can’t wait to throw a tea or something so I have an excuse to order lots of these! Wouldn’t these make fun wedding favors or as part of a gift basket for your attendants?

Modest Inspiration: Winter Wedding Shoot

I am not ready for winter to be over with (although the weather doesn’t seem to agree with me). As one of the few people I know who actually seems to like the snow, I have been just the teensy-est bit appalled at how winter just seemed to vanish overnight! Maybe the weather will humor me and give us just a bit more winter, but in the meantime, go check out this great winter shoot featured on Ruffled.

{Photograph by Andrea Dozier}

Note to self: must buy blue ice skates for next year.

What’s your favorite thing about winter?

Walk in Love. Secret Message Shirts

I adore walk in love. clothing. I’m not really a t-shirt person, but theirs are definitely the shirts I would wear if I were!! I’m especially loving their new secret message t-shirts.

{Photographs by Brooke Courtney Photography}

How great are those?? I think this would make a perfect fun gift for your bridesmaids — maybe for something comfy to wear before you all start getting ready for the big day? In fuschia or teal.

Demure Design: Justin Alexander

I’m discovering that I have a particular weakness for dresses with collars.

This Justin Alexander beauty, in particular, reminds me of the amazingly gorgeous riding habits women used to have. When I was little, I wanted to have a time machine just so I could go back and have one of those habits! I grew out of that particular delusion, but I still love anything that reminds me of my beloved riding habits!

{All photos from Justin Alexander}

Justin Alexander’s collection includes many other dresses that have sleeves or a jacket. Go check out the gorgeousness for yourself.

If you could wear any historical outfit, what would it be? A riding habit, like mine? Something flowing and Grecian? A demure walking dress?

- Leika

And…We’re Off!

I think of the day after Valentine’s day a little bit like the day after Thanksgiving. So many people get engaged between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and I’ve always thought of the day after as the official beginning of the wedding planning season. All of you who got engaged at Christmas are really getting into the planning now, and those of you who got engaged yesterday are now entering those first days (weeks, months…) of excitedly scouring the web to find lots of great inspiration for your big day. A VERY BIG congratulations to all of you!

So, happy wedding planning season! Here on Modest Bride, we’ll be kicking it into high gear to offer you lots of great planning tools and modest inspiration!! First up, let’s talk a little about getting organized, and later today, I have some gown gorgeousness to share!

Wedding planning is exciting and lots of fun, but it takes conscious effort to make sure it does not become stressful and overwhelming. Every bride-to-be feels stress at some point. But, by bring prepared and organized, you can make sure the stress doesn’t get the best of you!

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Now here’s a Valentine’s Day celebration I can get into! From the always-inspiring Sunday Suppers. Go check out the rest of the gorgeous photos here.

Now here’s a Valentine’s Day celebration I can get into! From the always-inspiring Sunday Suppers. Go check out the rest of the gorgeous photos here.

We Wish to Welcome You to Munchkin Land!

Everyone likes things made especially for them, but that’s never more true than when you’re talking about children. As anyone who has searched through what feels like 500 keychains to find the one with the name of a child in your life, kids LOVE things that are personalized.

This past weekend, my sister had her first baby shower (my niece will be making an appearance in April!), and one of the things we included in the shower details was a special kids table, covered in kraft paper, with crafts, treats, and personalized gifts for the little ones in attendance. When planning your various wedding events, consider the children who will be there.

For great sources of inspiration when thinking about how to celebrate the special little guys and gals who will be present at wedding events, try these favorites:

Hip Hip Hooray!
This blog is definitely one of the first places I turn to for kids’ party inspiration. Edited by Suann Song of Simplesong Design, the blog also features an all-star lineup of contributing editors. 

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Lovely Things: Villa Figura

I am not, as a rule, a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Or hearts. In fact, I became notorious during the planning for my wedding by declaring (loudly and to anyone who would stand still, and a few who wouldn’t) that there would be no hearts or frills anywhere in sight. Luckily, I married a man who is as underwhelmed by February 14th as I am. Please don’t misunderstand me: I love love, and am very happy to be blessed by it in all its forms. But I love subtlety just as much, and am far more likely to be moved by powerful words, written in beautiful script and captured in quiet colors, than by all the hearts in the world.

Therefore, the “Beautiful Things" print by Anne Beestje makes my own heart go all aflutter, enough so that I can forgive it for combining hearts with the color red.

Isn’t the script just lovely? I really do quite adore this print.

And for those who, like my own dear sister, cannot be swayed from their dislike of hearts (and also for those who dislike shoes as much as the aforementioned sister) even by such gorgeousness as the print above, the Villa Figura shop also offers lovelies such as this:

I must admit, I love shoes, even in the house, but like knowing that I could take them off at home, if I wanted to do so.

Wouldn’t one of these prints make a lovely gift for a soon-to-be or newlywed couple?

{All photos by Villa Figura Prints