Signature Scent: Ka-mil-yin

One Mother’s Day when I was young, my sister and I discovered a store that let you make your own custom lotions and perfumes (I’m afraid the name has disappeared into the years) and created a custom scent for our mother. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the idea. So when I saw Leila’s bridal shower last year, I was jumping-up-and-down excited about the perfume station.

{Photo by Jessica Claire}

When I saw that it’s creator, Ka-mil-yin, was based in California, I will admit that I was a little crestfallen. So imagine my delight when I visited their website again after seeing yet another gorgeous bridal shower, and discovered that they have a DIY version for those of us who don’t live in sunny San Diego!

Available for groups from 10 to 75, these kits come with roll-on perfume bottles, fragrant oils for your guests to mix, as well as step-by-step instructions and suggestions for blending oil. Basic labels are included, but you can also have custom labels designed to fit your party.

{Photo by Jessica Claire}

Wouldn’t this be a great activity to do with your attendants, or for your bridal shower? What scents would you choose?

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